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can it happen??

Guest aeangel008

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Guest aeangel008

Hello, I was thinking about auditioning for a summer intensive, but the problem is I am a size 8, is it still possible for me to get accepted to one or not? i would just like the truth, if it isnt possible, i can deal with it I understand that there are boudries for being aesthically pleasing, although I am one of the best in my class.

Thanks, Joelle. <333:(

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Joelle, there is no way we can tell what you look like from a size 8 description, nor can we know how well you dance. But a bigger problem here may be that the auditions for Summer Intensives are over! All the major programs anyway. Sometimes size is a factor and sometimes it isn't, and it can depend on many things, like age, and of course how strong your technique is. I took one girl into our top level who is 16 and 5'11" tall, but she was a lovely dancer and not heavy, but certainly not scrawny either, just tall! She is a big girl, but well trained and can dance.

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Guest aeangel008

Thanks Ms. Leigh, I am 15 years old and 5'5", and my quad muscles are quite big because of cheerleading. Thank you for your reply, it gives me hope! :)

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Maybe it's just me, but it seems like the ideal ballet body is really a lot more flexible (standard wise, haha) then it used to be. This is also like another thread we have going right now. People may be prejudiced by how you look, but you will still have a chance to prove them wrong when you dance!

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