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Riding bikes and ballet

Guest twinklehooves

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Guest twinklehooves

I ride my bike alot. I ride it to catch the bus, go on 3 mile walks w/ my dad, ride to friends house's and just around our house.


However, I've found that my knees start hurting after a while. right under the knee cap. This also happens when I ride my horse for a long time too. I think it's because I'm not tracking my knees over my toes like I would in ballet. Is this right?? :confused: Thanks. :(

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Not sure, Jocelyn, but when something hurts that means it would probably be best not to do the activity that is causing it for a while. You could be having a growth spurt, and maybe a bit of patella tendonitis. It might be from the riding, either bike or horses, or it could even be from ballet. However, if it is not hurting in ballet, and is hurting on or after bike or horseback riding, then I would seriously considering discontinuing those activities for a short time. If it continues, see a doctor, preferably a sports medicine orthopedic doctor.

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