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Guest alpusachni

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Guest alpusachni

I posted a few months or so ago, asking for suggetsions on L.A and NYC classes. I am going to be in L.A from May 22-25th(arrriving late afternoon on the 22nd) My hotel is right near the LAX airport it's about a quarter mile or so away(on Centruy Blvd)

are there any classes you would reccomend taking at particular studios?


the catch is-- I cannot drive to them, I am not renting a car(want to save money) plus I suck at driving in traffic, unless I know the area very very well. I'm horrid iwth directions and I get lost easily and it's hard to conentrate on fidning my way plus heavy traffic so I know driving in L.A is not a good idea(for me) at least not unless I spent more than 2 days there adn got used to it.


so are there any classes I can get to relativly easily by bus?? I haev a list of studios from the answers4dancers site and from BLue Diamond dance, but thought someoen here might have ideas too.



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Guest anuska

Unfortunately LA is so spread out getting around by bus may be very difficult. There are three studios I can recommend, one of which is very accessible by bus (I'll name that one first). Dance Arts Academy is located on the corner of La Brea and Wilshire in the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles...I know there is a bus stop on that corner. They offer morning/evening adult classes and fabulous weekend classes...I highly recommend take one of Reid Olson'c classes (MWF at 930a, I think, and Sat at 930 and 11a-for sure). I can also recommend Debbie Allen's Dance Academy in Culver City (great Russian teacher, Alla, Bolshoi principal!) 7p classes during the week, stretch and technique on Sat and technique and pointe on Sun. And Finally Westside Academy in Santa Monica owned by Balanchine/NYC Ballet principal Yvounne Mounsey. Great classes MWF at 7p Tues 630p and Thurs 6p...weekend classes, too. I go to all three of these studios and they are fabulous and different. Good luck and enjoy!

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