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Ankle question

Guest ballet princess

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Guest ballet princess

Here is my problem. My ankles are rather strong, but my ankles are not really flexible and I have been trying to increase the "wing" of my foot. Is there anyway to improve this? If so, will it effect my ankle strength? what do you find more important: ankle strength or ankle flexibility? I hope this makes sense....


I have one more question ;). I recently purchased a theraband to help make my ankles even stronger and also to increase my arch, etc. But I dont know any exercises. Can someone please help me?


Keep dancing!



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Ballet princess, you don't want to increase ANY "winging" of the foot, as that is a sickle out. That's a dangerous foot to stand on! What you're looking for is a foot that points with a straight line that runs from the knee through the center of the big toe. Anything else is sickling, whether out or in.


What you're looking for is sold by Gaynor Minden, and is a kit that comes with three resistabands (their proprietary name for therabands) and at about $20. There is a booklet called "The Dancer's Dozen" that comes with it - instructions! Try their website at:




In the meantime, use the band and just try to point straight with it under the ball of your foot, or the toes, or both, and do quite a few reps. The resistance will gently encourage the point to become stronger, but make sure you're pointing correctly first!:)

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To use the theraband for the foot, sit on floor, stretch legs out in front, place the band centered under the ball of the foot and lapping over the toes, hold both ends and pull it towards you while you slowly point and flex the foot. As Mr. Johnson said, be very sure the foot is straight and not sickled.


As to what is more important, ankle strength and flexibility are equally important, and working with the theraband can help both.

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