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Turn-out: Which direction is the easiest?


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  1. 1. Turn-out: Which direction is the easiest?

    • Working leg in pointe tendue/extended to the front
    • Working leg in pointe tendue/extended to the side
    • Working leg in pointe tendue/extended to the back
    • All of the above are equally easy/hard

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I'm trying to post a poll, let's see if this works. ;)


I discussed turn-out/rotation with some other students in my school some time ago, and got curious about which positions people find the easiest to turn out in.


So, let's assume your working leg is in pointe tendue / extended in the air. In which direction (devant, a la seconde, derriere) do you find it easiest to turn both supporting and working leg out?


My best direction is to the front, and worst to the back. I cheat by opening my hips more than would be actually necessary if I just used my turn-out muscles. :)



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I have been working hard on getting all positions, but the derriere position I find easiest to maintain turnout in both legs, both in tendu and in arabesque. I have no idea why as I have less extension to the back than i do to the front and side. I just find it nicer to do and I don't sickle my foot. I have a horrible tendancy to sickle my foot devant.


Polls are fun, I wish more people would post them:p

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Guest karenfixe

Devant is definitely the easiest to maintain equal turnout both at the barre and center.


Xena... my teacher is always saying that he only wants to see ONE butt cheek when doing tendue derriere. :) Pretty silly, but it does get you to think about not opening up or twisting your hips to get your leg further behind you or more turned out.


A poll... what a great idea!

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For me, it depends on how high the working leg. To the back is always most difficult, but front and side depend on the height. Working leg in tendu, on the floor, front is easy; raised to about 30 degrees or so, side becomes easier. Go figure.


I also lose turnout coming from plié to standing on straight legs, and this happens in floor barre with pointed feet too, not only when working against gravity... could be related, or then not.

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