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Another Richmond SI question

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After reading all the great reviews about Richmond SI for adults, I decided to join the group and attend the June session. I emailed Ms. Pankoff for more information, but I have not gotten a reply yet. Since I am very impatient :) , and I don't want to get too excited in case the June session is full (and I cannot attend neither one of the August sessions), I was wondering if someone on this board has a phone number for Adult Dance Camp. I was not able to find it on their website, nor in the super helpful FAQ that Xena put together.

Also, does anyone know if the June session is full or is there still space left? That's all I need to know before I mail my check. :D





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I think I found the number your looking for... (804) 355-7234 to contact Heidi Pankoff. I registered for the August 17th session, so I won't see you in June, if you get in, but have fun!

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Guest after5

Thanks a lot, pointehill.

I just spoke to Ms. Pankoff and she said there are still spots available for June. Yeah!!! It may be that my co-worker goes too. Anyway, after I printed the application, a few minutes ago, I noticed the phone number on the bottom. Oh well :)

Hope you have a great time in Richmond.



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Guest azure

I am SOOOOO envious of all the people on here going to the dance camp in Richmond. I started ballet a few years ago .....I am 53. I guess I shall always be a beginner!!!! It is sooo difficult but hey I enjoy it so that is the main thing. I would love to one day do a pirouette vaguely respectably and have my arms generally doing something attractive whilst keeping up with the feet. I go twice a week sometimes 3 times and yoga too. It is a definite battle between improving AND getting older at the same time hee hee. Sometimes I think they just balance each other out so that the best to hope for is to not get even worse. But don't get me wrong I LOVE IT. ...I am always happier after ballet class.

I am hoping one year to go to the ballet camp. It would be such fun I think...but I don't want to leave it too late. Are all the weeks very full this year Thanks for any info.:)

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Guest after5



I hope that when I am 53, I can go to a ballet board like this one, and write that I am dancing ballet and contemplating of going to a dance camp. As long as you love dancing that is all that matters.


As for Richmond dance camp, if you look around this board you will see that there is so much information about it, most of your questions will be answered. I give you at most one year of reading about it before you decide sign up. :)


I spoke to the director of the dance camp about two weeks ago, and that point she told me that June session was half full. I do not know what the situation is for the two August sessions.


Hope you decide to join us in Richmond. I am going in June and it will be my first time.



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