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Sansha technique shoe elastic length?


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Does anybody know wheter Sansha has shortened the pre-sewn elastic length in their technique shoes? :confused:


The length used to be quite perfect for me - I just sewed the other ends at instep. However, in the newest two pairs the elastics have not been long enough to go comfortably across my instep any more. To get comfortable elastics I'd have to take the pre-sewn elastics off and sew in completely new ones. :)


(If it isn't Sansha, it would have to be my foot, although I'm not sure what kind of development could change the foot circumference.)



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As you study more and more, your foot will definitely change shape, usually for the better. Often, the tarsal and metatarsal bones will become slightly closer, but the consolidation will have to go somewhere, as there are a lot of bones and structures in there. A slightly higher instep is often the result. It happened to me!:)

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Guest beckster

I wondered about this too, psavola. When I bought my sansha shoes, the elastics were exactly the right length for me. I have quite a high instep and a very low arch (i.e. my foot is quite "thin" where the elastic goes) so I did wonder how people with high arches/low insteps managed with these shoes. Incidentally, I have noticed a slight increase in my arch over the course of the past two years as Mel said ... but I don't think my feet will ever need to worry about elastic being too short!

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Guest Giselle83

hello! I have quite a 'normal' arch and I haven't noticed anything special about the sansha shoes, I use the same ones than you (they sell only one model here don't they, eheh). But you can be SURE your arch grows while you practise! I bet that could be a reason...be happy, this is a great sign of hard work :-)

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Yes, my arch and instep have been growing (and a lot! :eek: ), I just thought that the latter was because of the former, and the foot circumference should still stay the same. Apparently not. I guess I should not under-estimate the effect ballet has on a body. :)


A question about a worry I've had: When I started I had what is called "good foot" - flexible, but not overly so. However, with the continuous improvement of flexibility in my feet I'm now alarmingly quickly approaching the "too-good" swan's neck foot. I was told the good foot does not need any special work to get and stay "pointe-strong" unlike the too-good foot, which is often weak. My question is, will my new fancy feet require more "maintenance" if I should have to lessen the amount of classes I take? :confused: Or will the flexibilty just go back to "normal"?



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Sansha clearly tries to get a shoe for bottom dollar, and they sacrifice quality control at times to do it. I notice my Sansha shoes change in random ways from batch to batch.

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