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It seems like everyone turns better to the right and has better extension on the right. Well, I do everything better to the left. I can do 32 fouettes pretty easily on the left but about 10 on the right. Normally I do 3 or 4 (5 on a good day) pirouettes on the left but 2 on the right. I've always been ok with that until a few months ago when my company performed the Snow Maiden. In the festival scene, two girls do from the corps do 14 fouettes. I knew I was capable of doing it and so did my teacher, but I wasn't picked simply because no one else can turn to the left. It made me really discouraged. :)


Also, at one of my SI auditions we were doing pireouttes on pointe from the corner. I hadn't done that great on the right, only somewhat shaky doubles, and I was excited to do the left when the teacher said that we were finished. Do people not understand that not everyone turns better to the right??? Also in choreography the right side is favored so much in everything!


So my question is, if I dance with a proffessional company, will I still face these same kinds of problems?

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Yes, until you become a soloist or a principal and can change them in solo variations ;) Being a lefty can be a disadvantage, but it can also be an enormous advantage because most left turners improve their right side to the point where they are about equal on both sides, which is a very good thing to have! You will have to work harder on the right side for a while, but it is possible to develop that side to where it is just as good as the other side. Everyone should do that, of course, whether they are right turners or left turners. Classes and auditions should provide everything on both sides. When auditioning, if I do something right and run out of time for everyone to do left, I will ask for the left turners only and let them do left. But I normally do everything both sides for everyone!

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That gives me hope too, as I am also a lefty. What makes some people better to the left verses the right? But I have an additional question. Do you think it iwll make a lot of difference in my turning to the right, on my left foot, as it was injured not too long ago and I have only been able to limited things with it lately. That doesn't include turning, and I'm afraid I'll be terrible on waht was already my bad side when I can finally turn again.


Thanks in advance. ;)

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Once the injury is healed, it should not make a difference and you will be able to begin building more strength on that leg :)

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Guest goingforsatin

I'm left handed (I'm assuming you're right handed), but I do better on my right side, foot wise. I know how hard it is to overcome problems like this, and to train your brain the "right" way to do it! I'm sure with enough practice, you can do it.

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Guest Medora

This is going to make absolutely no sense, but for me it alternates. Some days I am better to the right, other days I am better to the left. Some days I am even better on one side in flat class and better on the other side in pointe class. Explain that one for me. When we work on fouettes, I used to be better to the right. Now I am better to the left. It doesn't make any sense. Oh well. At least I know I am capable of turning to both sides, but the way it alternates from day to day really is strange.

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I used to be a right turner, but then I got tendonitis in my left achilles. Since relevé was painful, I did much more practicing with my right leg supporting while my left was recovering. Now I'm a lefty for pirouettes most days. But I'm still a righty for piqué turns and fouettés. :)

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i used to be an exagerrated lefty in everything, but im starting to balance out a little. my turns, mainly pirouettes and fouettes, are getting less uneven, and i might even be becoming a right turner which would be great. my extensions are still incredibly uneven, and even in flexibility, i am dominant on the left. i can balance very well on the left, but not on the right, although that is starting to catch up too. there are certain things though that are just always uncomfortable to one side. it seems that everyone, no matter what their dominance, has more difficulty with brises left than right. but its nice to know that some things are starting to even out!

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Gang, I'm not going to close this off, but remember, this forum is for technique and performance issues. It's running distinctly "chattery". Buddy Board for chat.

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Originally posted by Medora

[some days I am even better on one side in flat class and better on the other side in pointe class. ]


Me too Medora!! Sometimes on pointe I am better to the right. It is totally weird. I think sometimes on my good side I try to take too much force and my pirouettes are not controlled on pointe.


ConstanzaElizabeth, you sound like me! I am a total exaggerated lefty!!!!!

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Lefty here.

Is it a big no-no to change a pirouette in a variation to the left for a competition or such? For example, in the third Odalisque variation, the pirouette diagnol....would it be wrong to change it to left pirouettes? Would YAGP deduct your score?

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Having seen it done to both sides I would say please be tasteful about the transition to the other side. Each individual judge will decide how they view the change. There is no universal answer to your question.

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