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hyper extended legs and turnout

Guest Giselle83

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Guest Giselle83

Hello! I went to achieves but I didn't quite understand how it worked...I got just empty page without any thread. So if you won't answer to this, please help me find some answers in some right achieve.


so, I have hyperextended knees. BUT, my turnout is so poor that I have no gap between my heels in basic positions. You know what I mean? I was wondering, does the 'locking' my knees avoid me rotating well? Cause in my case, even a tiny bit more would do alot...When I try to keep my knees little bend (that's how I feel) in difficult movements they keep on locking back there. Is this really really bad...? =) Should I start keeping my knees a little bend, would it help my rotation? How can I know they're too bend? =)

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I know why archives looked empty to you! You are using the default cutoff for showing posts by date. What you should do is click the "user cp" button at the top of the page. Then you go to "Edit Options" and open the "default thread view" dropdown window and select "show all posts". There's a lot of material back there that will help you and also some that's just plain interesting!:)

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