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Guest *Jessica*

In hula you are practically bending your knees the entire time. Its almost like you are holding a demi plie. Since you are in this position for a very long time, will your legs get bulkier?

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In the classic women's vocabulary for hula, the steps are very low-impact, and unlikely to produce big muscles. In modern hula, anything goes, practically. Men's vocabulary is a very different animal, in classic hula, and you'll see a lot of straight knees in that. Remember, in Hawaii, there is hula appropriate for the young, the old, the men, the women, the slim, the stout, and all quite beautiful.

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You won't have bulkier muscles, at least not beyond what your own body is able to develop. But, you will have beautifully toned thigh muscles. :blink:

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One of my teachers at an SI was trained to do deep plies and grande plies. Now, when he holds a plie then straightens, all you hear are SNAP! CRACK! of the tendons. So I guess holding a plie for a while can damage your knees.

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Lemme see if I've got this straight - your teacher learned to do a hula in a grand plié?


If not, let's stay on topic here.

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no no no... I was saying that he held plies for a while and his knees got all damaged so I was using an example on what could happen when you stay in plie.

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