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kirov/uba S.I.


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this summer im going to uba for 6 weeks...i was wondering if anyone had been there or heard things from friends about the program what it was like, dorm life, the people etc...any info! thanks :)

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I'll try to roust up somebody who's had experience there, and get him to post his recollections here.

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Guest dance4ever

I haven't posted here in a long time! :)

Last summer I attend Kirov/UBA. It was an incredible experience. Unfortunately, it's very expensive but worth every penny. The training is excellent and I improved greatly from the 3 weeks. They teachers are strict, but really sweet! They have levels 6-1. 1 being the highest and 6 being the lowest. First you are put in levels according to you age, and then they switch people around. The classes you have are: Ballet, pointe, repertory, jazz, spanish, modern, pilates, character, a craft class and stress management. At the end of the session, you have demonstration day. You parents come, watch class and then you perform pieces you've learned. They will eat lunch with you and after there is a performance with the entire school doing spanish and character pieces. Dorm life is a lot of fun. On fridays you can have sleepovers in other rooms. You even go touring DC and go to 6 flags on sunday. If you need anything, you can sign up for trips to CVS, or 7-11. The food is ok, but there is always a salad bar open and you can order out. If you live at kirov, you have two people to a room. The rooms are small but they all have bunk beads, several dressers, at least one desk and chair, mirror, sink, closet etc. The studios are huge! (like SAB if you have ever been there) I hope this helps! If you have any more questions I'd be happy to answer!

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hey thanks dancer4ever! im going to be going to full 6 weeks so im hoping to get alot out of it and i really want a spot in their year-round is there anything i could do to better my chances should i call the school and say im interested? btw i have been 2 sab lol i love it there they have such nice facilities and everything...im going to be staying at trinity at least i think i am because i think staying at kirov is only up to like 14? also i have a friend who lives in d.c. and she wanted 2 visit me like maybe once or something would they allow that after classes or something..last question lol after you send them your deposit do they send you a big packet and does everyone go 2 orientation? sorry for all the questions and thanks for your help!:D

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Guest dance4ever

There is nothing you can do to better your chances to get into the year-round program except dance your hardest. Madame V. will come in and watch classes to try and decide who she wants for the year-round program. Since you are attending both sessions, you may have a better chance since she will be looking at you more than most of the other people in your class. You will probaly be staying at Trinity if you are over 14. In the morning, you will take one of the school's buses over to the Kirov and have breakfast there before your classes. I'm almost positive you eat all meals at kirov but I'm not sure. I'm also not sure what the rooms are like since I stayed at kirov. Of corse your friend can visit! She can spend the entire day with you. Kirov always allows family/friends to visit. Every studio has windows so she'll most-likly have to watch your classes from behind the window. But if you want, after class you could sign out and you two could go out to dinner or something. Yes everyone goes to orientation. The one without your parents is kind of boring...you just play getting to know you games and they go over rules and stuff. I know they send you this packet of rules, things you need to bring and important dates but I'm not sure if it is after or before you send your deposit in. Any more questions I'd be happy to answer!

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I would normally not post here, but have been requested to do so by a moderator. I attended the Kirov Academy (now UBA) during the year, and I loved it. I have never been to the summer program, so I cannot comment specifically on it. However, I can give some general information about the school, teachers, &c. Generally, the teachers are very strict and exacting, but devoted to their students. They are unrelenting regarding certain issues of physical facility/technique, such as turnout. If you do not naturally have good turnout, you should not attend UBA. Expect classes to be technically challenging and very disciplined. I'm not sure if this is true of the summer program, but during the year, class lengths are not fixed--that is, classes can take as much time as the teacher needs to cover everything, but if you have a class following it, they will stop at least 15 minutes before. Expect to spend from between an hour and a half to two hours in ballet class. Pointe may then be another half hour or so, depending on the class.


The cafeteria is small, and from what I heard from resident students (I commuted), the food was all right, but not wonderful. They have been trying to improve it, and I hear that it does get somewhat better each year.


The people while I was there were wonderful. UBA is a small school, so you get to know/bond with the other students quite well. I found it very easy to talk to people and make friends.


They have a physical therapist and a wellness program to make sure their dancers eat properly, and they have a room with pilates equipment and exercise machines for the students to use while a supervisor is in the room.


The academy is located in a rather run-down part of DC--the Catholic University campus is safe, but most trips, such as to the nearby 7-11 or the metro are chaperoned, especially if the students are young. It is not advisable to go out at night, especially if you are alone. UBA has its own bus for small field trips and charters one for full school trips.


The facilities are beautiful. The studios are very large, with large windows, similar to SAB. There are observation windows so that parents may watch classes. Everything is contained within one building (unless you live at Trinity), and dorm staff is readily accessible--friendly and approachable. They will not hesitate to strictly enforce rules, however.


Generally, if you enjoy working hard at ballet and do not mind following a lot of rules, it should be a good experience. I hear they provide many field trips in summer, but they definitely provide enough time to rest as well. One note--you will most likely be expected to reverance the ballet teachers and Mme. V. when you pass them in the corridor, and if you are sitting down or stretching when Mme. V walks by, you should stand. This is not meant to be worship as the faculty & Mme. V will bow to you as well; it is just very formal courtesy.

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thanks so much! uba sounds great i cant wait...i do have perfect turnout so im not to worried about them yelling at me about that but are the teachers like really mean? i reeally really want to go their year-round!...also for dancer4ever how many are in a class and does everyone get corrections?...i am so excited!

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The teachers are not mean; they are just very direct. There are one or two new ones there whom I am not familiar with. The ones I do know are Mr. Kucheruk, Mr. Djouloukhadze, Mme. Sizova, Mme. Morkovina, and Mme. Armeiskaya. Mme. Sizova and Mr. Kucheruk are probably the strictest in terms of turnout. Mr. Kucheruk is also very sarcastic, so don't take everything he says personally. Mr. Djouloukhadze was my main teacher, and he is very, very passionate about ballet and very careful and logical in his explanations, though it is sometimes a bit difficult to understand his syntax. He is also the character teacher. He tends to get upset if he thinks you don't work hard, but is a source of wonderful advice. Mme. Morkovina is probably the kindest teacher; she is very calm and quiet, and has endless patience. Mme. Sizova can seem cold, but her classes are beautiful, and she really cares for her students. Mme. Armeiskaya taught the younger girls while I was there, so I don't know too much about her; I hear she is very nice.


During the year (the summer is probably the same) teachers pay attention to everyone in the class and try to develop all of their individual talents as much as possible, which is easier because the classes are small, though they are probably larger in summer.

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Guest dance4ever

I agree with everything Hans said. The teachers pay attention to everyone in the class.

This is an example of my day.

6:30 - bright and early wake up, do hair, get dressed and go eat breakfast

between 7:00 - 7:15 go to the studios to warm up

7:45 class starts - all leg warmers OFF!

12:15 - class ends. During class you will have pointe and repertory

******Lunch Break*******

1:45 - character

3:30- Stress managment

You will finish your day around 5 or 6 and have 15min breaks between classes. After dinner there usually are activties planned.

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thanks sooo much for your info it has been very helpful! if you think of anything else feel free to reply here and ill do the same if i think of any questions thanks!!

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Thanks, Hans, I knew you would come through with all the important information!:D

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hey well i just thought two other questions

1) what exactly is stress management and how long is this class?

2) it also says that we need jazz shoes does everyone need them or is this an optional class? if not then im guessing we also need jazz pants? thanks:) i cant wait for the summer!

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I don't know what stress management is as they implemented it after I left. However, as far as the jazz class being optional, I don't think there are any optional classes at UBA. Dance4ever can probably provide more details, as there is no jazz during the year.

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Call them and ask if you need jazz shoes. Some students share. You do not need jazz pants. You will need character shoes; every dancer should have these.

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Guest dance4ever

For jazz you can wear whatever you want as long as it is easy to move it. I would buy jazz shoes. I'm pretty sure everyone had them. Stress management is a class were we get rid of our stress. There are a series of exercises such as pulse squeezes, massages and relaxing while listing to a cd of relaxing sounds etc. It was a hour.

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