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Guest Nicole Foss

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Guest Nicole Foss

Hi everyone, I'm living in the Boston area (specifically Hanscom AFB in the Bedford, Lexington area) and trying to find a studio to take adult ballet and pointe classes, because I've been out of dance for 3 years and can't take it anymore. If anyone has any information, I'd greatly appreciate it.



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Hi Nicole, welcome the Adult Ballet Students' forum here on Ballet Alert! Online :D


Is getting to Boston out of the question? I don't know of classes outside of the city, although I know there are a couple of branches of Boston Ballet in other cities. Not familiar with Lexington or Bedford though.

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I think you will probably need to do that, Nicole. I would contact Boston Ballet or Boston Ballet Theatre (Jose Mateo Co.).

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I took a class at Jose Mateo's studio in Cambridge one Saturday last summer and really enjoyed it. The space is wonderful and the class was great and very reasonably priced. You can look up the schedule on the web at www.ballettheatre.org/school/


Now I'm constantly scheming about what trips I need to make to Cambridge from Amherst that would, of course, involve a ballet class as part of the itinerary. Unfortunately, I haven't made it back there yet...


Good luck!

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Guest Daphne

You might want to check out Lexington School of Ballet. They are located in the Munroe Center for the Arts on Mass Ave. Smaller program than Boston Ballet or Jose Mateo's but much closer, and the faculty has some pretty impressive credentials.

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There are plenty of adult open classes at:


Dance Complex in Central Square, Cambridge

Green St. Studio, also in Central Square, Cambridge


Both locations have a variety of different teachers at different times. Check web sites for details & descriptions.

Don't believe there are open classes at Lexington School of Ballet.

Of course, Boston Ballet has open classes too: 10 am (Int. Adv) at Clarendon st. (main) studio M-F, also evening classes w/ varying levels. There are also some open classes in their Newton studio (newly renovated, large). Call for schedule.

Good luck.

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