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Unusual Tights Colors


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I am searching for some fairly unusual colors of tights: specifically gray, light blue, and deep blue. I prefer MStevens tights, but don't think they make any of these colors. Does anyone know of another brand similar to MStevens but providing more colors? Note: I do not at all like Bal-togs, Capezio, or Baryshnikov tights, but will perhaps wear them as a last resort.

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I'd say your best option is to buy them white, then dye to taste. The stovetop method produces better, deeper colors than the washing machine method. The gray or light blue can be done in the washer, but dark or bright colors need the attention of the simmering pot.

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You can also call M. Stevens direct and speak with Sonia. They'll special order tights for you. They can dye them any color, just expect to wait a few weeks so don't be in a rush.

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you can have them made for you. Millions of colours, matte milliskin, shiny, whatever.....

they can be built to your specific measurements and quirks....



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But if you have someone else do it for you, be sure that you are in exact agreement as to what color you're talking about. Your idea of "dark blue" and the manufacturer's may be vastly different things! I don't mean that you have to have a Munsell color key in front of you, but you have to make sure that you agree with your provider on a color standard. "I want the same blue that's on the brand name on a box of 'Tide'."

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For future reference, I found these two web sites:


Spandex House


We Love Colors.com


The last one has photographs of its tights/colors online, and it appears to have something similar to milliskin, which is a nylon/lycra blend, right? I think the proportions are similar, but not exactly the same as MStevens. Prices run between $8 and $13. However, it appears that Spandex House does more in terms of custom sizes, &c.

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M. Stevens does make pale grey ones--I've gotten them at Sansha in NY, I believe. You can also call Capezio on W. 51st/Broadway and ask if they carry them. They are a good light grey.


Dye the blues--even with Rit, the colours called Evening Blue, Royal, or Denim blue will provide something you'll like.



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