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A dream at age 21

Guest dance4life

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Guest dance4life

Hello everybody,

I tohught I would share a little story with you all. Esspecially the older ones. My ballet teacher said that one of her friends wanted to become a professional ballerina at the age of 21. She had no previous exprience. She studied like no other for a few years. Now she dancing in the New York Ballet! When she told me that It made me feel so much better.


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Stephanie, I'd be careful of stories like those. They come under the head of "urban legends", like alligators in the sewers, and the ghost of Peter Stuyvesant (the Dutch Governor of New Amsterdam) haunting the halls of City Hall.


While dancers have had careers in ballet after such a late start as you describe, the term "New York ballet" is misleading. I don't know of anybody in the New York City Ballet, for example, whose personal history matches that story, and I've been following them since 1960. Same goes for American Ballet Theater, another "New York ballet". Now, there used to be a nice little company called the Manhattan Festival Ballet who had at least one dancer who got such a late start, and over the years, a couple with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet, both "New York ballets", but not the same as a major company. That still shouldn't dissuade people, however, from giving ballet a good career shot, but just bear in mind, that even the ones who started at the "right" time stand to have a rough time getting a job in the New York ballet scene, no matter what the company. It's a tough market to crack!

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