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Guest beckster

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Guest beckster

This is definitely a buddy board topic ... I'm now Dr. Beckster! I passed my PhD viva yesterday. It won't be officially official until I graduate in the summer, but I'm allowed to use it now, for snooty cashiers in the bank and suchlike ;). I am definitely not mature and sensible enough to be a Dr. but luckily my examiners haven't noticed.


I have decided that RAD grade 6 is probably more difficult than being examined for a PhD!

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Guest mathiskewl

Let me be the first (on here, at least) to congratulate you, Dr. Beckster! :)


BTW, I hear it's normal for us to think we're pulling the wool over the eyes of our examiners. Have you checked out some of the articles on chronicle of higher education (www.chronicle.com)? It seems to be a normal syndrome.

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Wow! Congratulations, Dr. Beckster! You are well ahead of me in your science as well as your ballet - I'm just beginning my doctoral studies. :)

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Blimey, Beckster - another achievement?! Congratulations :)

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Aww big hug sweetiepie..so how long did they make you sweat it out? and did that big bolt of lightening come down from the sky afterwards and imbue you with all the knowledge in the universe? nah? same here, perhaps when I become a Prof it will happen? Actually I think if I could be as wise as Mjr Johnson, I will be doing fine, but that won't happen fast.


Actually I am quite impressed you are coherent? Normally after such an achievement you should have flooded your entire system with enough alcohol to preserve a mammoth for a century :cool:




Hugs Jxxx

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Congratulations, Dr. Beckster! What field is your degree in, and what is the title of your dissertation? And can it be viewed on-line?


For myself, I've concluded the opposite regarding the relative difficulty of ballet and PhD's. I think dancing is probably easier.

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Guest grace

wow. i am very impressed. good for you. my (younger) sister has just done the same. i don't intend trying. i hope it makes you happy enough to have been worth all your effort. :)

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  • Administrators

Congratulations, beckster!!! :):( :( Everyone here at BA is very proud of you! Definitely a major accomplishment, and we wish you the very best in your career, as well as in your ballet, of course! :)

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Dr Beckster you go girl :) . I am so chuffed for you - I'll just be pleased to get my BSc eventually (takes time with the OU!!), but I guess I'll want more after I've got that!! It's fantastic news, well done!



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Guest beckster

Thanks for the kind words everyone. I can't really believe it myself, and I'm desperate to go out and change all my bank cards just so I don't forget my new title!


Xena, I was in there for only 2 hours. I did go out on Monday night but just for a meal, then came back to London and slept all day Tuesday! My examiners were both really nice and they asked all the right sort of questions - ie. interesting ones that don't try to catch you out. I've only got spelling mistakes to correct, so I'll be graduating for sure this summer. As long as I can find the disks with the up to date version of the thesis on of course ...


Citibob, my first degree was in genetics, and my PhD was in molecular biology (a difference so subtle it barely exists), but will be from a zoology department. I'd prefer not to post the exact title or my webpage. Even though any friend of mine in real life who visted this page would immediately be able to work out who beckster was, I'd prefer to retain a little anonymity in the reverse.

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Dr Beckster you did good, girl. lots and lots of congratulatory thoughts are being sent your way, i shall let county know as they have been asking after you.


I am also sorry that i missed you the other week i was at work. If you need any help to celebrate give me a call. Infact we could wait (if you wanted) until Jinty/Xena returns then i can drive us up and we can Celebrate your fab achievement ( one i could never do), Jintys return and me passing my dreaded yearly flying exams.


Well done again:D :cool: :)

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This is indeed splendid! My heartiest congratulations to you, beckster! Our second PhD! Come to Ballet Alert, where the smart dancers hang out!;)

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