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Well last night was my last class in the US.

:) I tried not to be sad or upset for everyones sake as I know they were dreading it. They all told me they have been living in denile (that extremely populated river in Egypt, alot of people live there!) about me leaving, in the hope that I wouldn't go..sigh..unfortunately it was true and i have now left.


It has been a great 14 months of ballet at this school and I was blessed with two fantastic teachers and just as talented pianists,and have made some wonderful friends. I love them all...


For those who don't know. I have got yet another postdoc position at University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST for short), although it is in collaboration with the University of Maryland (i.e. they pay my salary, or rather the NIH do). So I will hopefully get a chance to come over to Maryland and then pop over to Washingotn DC or fly to CA, so I hope to see some of my friends that I have made here and meet osm enew people, maybe from this board!


I fly out next Monday, 14th, arrive in the UK, the 15th, fly up to Manchester, and start work the folowing day on the 16th. Might as well get paid for jetlag!

Try and go to a ballet class as soon as I can, so keep nagging me you lot!


I might not be able to log on for a few days, but I will let you all know when I have arrived safely.



Jeanette xxx sniff sniff

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I know it's hard to leave places, Jeanette, but it's great that you had such a positive ballet experience there! And now, if you can get to Maryland and DC, well, there are a lot of us here from BA, and a lot of great places for classes! :) So, onward and upward, and the friends you have made will still be there, and you will see them again.

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Jeanette, I know you're sad to be leaving the US, but it's so gorgeous over here at the moment, you'll think you've come back to the wrong country! I for one am looking forward to meeting you and the other Balletalerters when we get around to sorting out that meeting :) .


You will be flying back hot on the heels of my Mum who has the enviable lifestyle of living in Florida during the winter!


Welcome home to both of you for next week :( .



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Guest beckster

Selfish old me, Jeanette, I am really glad you are coming back. We've missed you over here, and it will be nice to be only a train-ride away. I know it will be hard for you to leave the US, and I hope the transition is as easy as possible. And starting in a new lab is always daunting, but I'm sure you will be fine when you've settled in. Of course, you will have to start speaking proper english again - saying "ooh lovely" when presented with a cup of tea and saying "well it might brighten up later" when it is raining for the third morning in a row. You'll have to redevelop your queueing skills, and do without such delights as spray cheese and reese's peanut butter cups. You'll have to learn to spell things correctly again and stop using the word "gee" ...

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:):P (sing this to the football song - dcoming home):(


Your'e coming home, your'e coming home, your'e coming, Jintys coming home:D :(:):D


I to am selfish i am rejoicing in your homecoming. Hopefully everything will go smoothly for you and then God help you as i am sure Beckster and i will be up very shortly to get you back into the swing of things, ie girly nights of drinking and then of course shopping and a good old catch up and gossip.


(personal note sorry) I got your msg but i cannot reply as your box is full. I will try and send it to you later on tonight or tomorrow. I would meet you at the airport inbetween your flights but the day you arrive is the day i have to sit all my flying exams so i can operate another year.


will also try to ring you over the next couple of days.


love skippy

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I've been trying to PM you for a few days (and have lost your e-mail address...), but just wanted to wish you the best of luck with the move. If there's any help you need here in Manchester to make the transition a bit easier, let me know!


Look forward to meeting you soon :)



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Hi i hope you arrived safely in the UK. i have tried to pm you since your arrival but no luck.


Keep your chin up and hope to see you in the very near future,


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I have no idea why my PM doesn't work?? I htought i had deleted loads from it.


I have landed fine, still really jet lagged, feel sick, miss my husband, its really weird living on your own in a new place. Will take a few weeks for it all to sink in.


E-mail me jeanettehobbs@hotmail.com if you can, although the only access I get is at uni and i am at home this easter weekend. So many people to catch up with, be patient:)


hugs jxxxxx

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