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hi! For about the past month, whenever i would tendu and try to strenghten my arches even better, i would get this really strong cramp. Like it would cramp up and this sharp pain would go through my foot. It's total pain. I can't even straighten it. When i would put my foot on the ground, it would still be in tendu postition :P How can i mak it stop? My teacher told me that i should eat more bananas, but that's not helping. Thanks for your help!

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If it's not a potassium problem (which is the reason for the bananas), then it is likely that you are gripping some muscles somewhere that are causing this to happen. You may be "over" pointing the foot, and NOT using the strength and energy from the leg to point the foot. If that's not it, then you must have an injury and need to see a doctor!

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