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Ab strenghtherners

Guest Firebird3000

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Guest Firebird3000

I have really weak abs and I need someway to make them stronger so that I can hold positions. I have a tendency to release my ribs out when I don't hold my abs. Well regular cruches help do the trick?

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I hope you mean crunches, and not crutches.;)

Yes, crunches will help over the short run, but the thing that will help most is to keep working your abs ALL THE TIME. Not tightly, to be sure, but try to keep the abs pulled inward and upward mildly, in anything you do outside of class. So, when it comes time to go into class, eventually your abs will become so strong that you will have them ready to go when you have to use them for ballet.

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Guest Ballet_babe_123

I don't know if this is my place to suggest or not but because the Moderators have already posted I think it's ok.

In pilates there is an excersise (not really part of the mat work but more of a warm up) called knee sways and they work just the obliques. Start off on your back, feet flat on the floor, arms by your side. Drop your knees (slowly) to one side, if you can't get them all the way to the floor it's ok just keep your upper body on the floor and your back pressed into the floor. Remember to keep your upper body relaxed. When there, inhale (through the nose, and try to expand your rib cage when you breathe, as opposed to taking it into your stomach. You want to keep the abs as still as possible). And then as you exhale (strongly as your exhale helps your abs contract) imagine that someone has their hand on your knees and is holding them down. You want to pull through the obliques and use your abs, not your quads, to pull your knees back to the upright starting position. Just remember to keep your upper body relaxed and really feel abs being worked as you slowly pull your knees back up. You would usually do about 6 sets (right and left). That was one excersise that really helped me. I really felt it in my obliques could really feel them working. I hope you aren't too confused :) I hope it helps you too!

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That's a good exercise. In fact, I use it myself, ON myself, so I must like it!:)

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Situps are OK, if you can do them without gripping the leg muscles, which is what most people do. That's why crunches work better.

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Guest su-lian

I'm not supposed to post here, but may I ask just one question? What are crunches?

Sorry, and thank you.


(This can be deleted if it's inappropiate.)

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No problem, su-lian. Crunches are sort of half-sit-ups, where the lower back isn't lifted from the floor.

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They're really not comparable. Pilates is a whole range of mat- and apparatus-based exercise, and crunches are...well, just crunches.

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Pilates is good for strengthening and stretching you all over. Crunches are just for your abs, so if that's what you're focusing on right now they're a much more direct way of going about it. But I love Pilates, so you still might try that. :)

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