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Bunion surgery

Guest aeangel008

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Guest aeangel008

Hello, Since I have bunions I was considering having them surgically removed, but I am hesitant because I heard that after the surgery your feet are weaker, I was wondering if this was true. I would not want the surgery if it would mean that pointe would be more difficult because the strength in my foot would have to be gained back. If this is not in the right place, please move it, I didnt know where to post it. Thanks in advance,

Joelle <3333

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Joelle, how bad are they? Are they causing you a major amount of problems now? If not, I don't think you want this surgery. It is not easy, and not always totally successful. Unless they are extremely painful, and prevent your dancing on pointe, then I would not consider it. Do some of the other things you can do to minimize the problems they cause, such as wearing separators, be very sure that no shoes are too narrow for you, and even cut a tiny slit in the pointe shoes to allow a bit more space. Wearing a thong shoe or a separator in shoes when not in class or rehearsal can help keep the big toe aligned, which prevents the bunion from getting worse.

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I have hereditary bunions, and they're big and they look pretty funny, but they've never given me any problems. I suppose that every once in a while, they'll hurt a little, but never anything major enough to consider surgery. Pointe has been a little hard for me, but never too bad. No more than anyone else, I would say. It's been hard finding shoes that I like, and I always get a little bulge where my bunion is, but it's never been a problem. Wearing flipflop-type shoes, as Ms. Leigh said, has been nice, and the spacers are nice too. It does cramp a little though, if separate them too far, by accident.



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Bunion surgery is a real last-ditch solution and cannot be done by just any orthopedic surgeon, if the patient is a dancer. Sometimes it's a real "barn-burner" solution, i.e. in order to get rid of the mice, burn down the barn! In other words, it doesn't really cure the problem, because now you have new problems - no barn, and now the mice are in your house!;)

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Guest aeangel008

Thank you all so much for your replies, they do cause some pain once in a while, but not too much that I can't handle it, I am going to buy some toe separaters later this week! thanks again.


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Thanks for the answering these questions, moderators. Thats something I've been wondering about too since i have horrible bunions. Mine never give me any pain though. I have heard that it is pretty impossible to have bunion surgery before you're finished dancing.

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Guest Peregrin Took

Oh RIGHT! Thank you Major (that's what they call you on these boards right? ;) ). I've finally really understood what a bunion is. In fact, I realise that I have a friend who gave up ballet because her bunions were giving her so much trouble with her pointe shoes. It's quite sad really, she was such a great, petite dancer.:)

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