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Guest twinklehooves

Ok, today, all during school, in my upper left arm- like my bicep- something was wierd. It was like, pulsing. If felt like the blood was really being pumped thru my arm. It was about as steady as the beat of my heart- just a tad bit faster. It stopped after school.


My arm was not sore, or injured- but I did notice something. You get the general idea of where the bone and tendons and stuff are in your arm. Below that area on the arm, was a pinkish, redish belmish about the size of a tack. Of course it wasn't round or anything like that. Just a blemish. I can't feel it- so it's under the skin.


Does anyone know what it could be?? I also feel this pulsing in my eyelids sometimes and sometimes on my backside. (My butt.):) Are these charley horses?? Or what?? :confused:

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Those are usually tiny little muscle spasms, caused by some small irritation, including sudden use of muscles not usually employed. In the eyelid, it can even be caused by dust, or a minor irritation on the surface of the eye, among many other things. All are essentially harmless. That "blemish" could be anything from simple friction dermatitis ("Indian rub") through a small bruise. Again, rather harmless.:) They aren't charley horses, exactly, because those usually are larger and more painful, but they're a sort of cousin.

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