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chainee turn problems

Guest goingforsatin

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Really hard to teach that kind of thing here. Need to see what you are doing to know how to help you. There are lots of things that can go wrong, but I think your teacher will need to deal with this one, goingforsatin. That's what he/she is there for! ;)

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Guest RachelD

I had this problem too. you could be taking uneven steps which will make you go sideways or you might have your back to far back try leaning forward a little.

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Chaines are basically like turning in first position. Start, and then as you turn spot the point where you are going. Also, use your foot as a guide. When your right foot faces the point, then the left will, and after that, get your right foot to be facing the point. It's hard to explain so if you don't understand then don't bother. It helps me though. :)

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Guest RachelD

Chaines are like turning in first position. when you're doing chaines you should be in the same first position the whole time (even steps, same turn out, ect.) some of the students on my class were "cheating" by not staying in the same first position so my teacher came up with this. stand in first position and put a tenis ball just above your knee releve in first position ( you'll probably have to bring your heels closer together)and do chaines across the floor. i don't know if you understand but try it there isn't really any way you can mess up. :lol:

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