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Ballet Exam Nerves

Guest Firebird3000

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Guest Firebird3000

My ballet exam is on Wednesday and I want to do well (well obviously) but sometimes I get reall bad nerves that my adages become really wobbly and unsturdy. How can I use my nerves to my advantage?

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You know that you know the exam material, so the nerves can be used as a centering device. You know what you have to do, so take all that energy and rather than toss it away in a scattered manner, with shaking and allowing things to distract you, use it to concentrate on what must be done, no distraction allowed.

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Guest Firebird3000

The exam went really well. In the centre I did wobble on one side in develope(spelling) but that's all. The free enchainement was very easy to pick up and fun to do. The only problem I had was that the floor was slippery and I couldn't move as much as I wanted to on my dance. But otherwise I had no nerves messing me up and I had loads of fun.

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