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Help !!!

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Hi, I need some help with the following :


1 : Is it possible for an adult to improve his turnout, as I have read in a book it is only possible up rill the age off 11years ? If so how can I improve my turnout ?


2 : Is there excercie one can do to get rid of bulky calf muscels ?



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I should think this is a technical question, not a buddy board question, but since it is on the BB, here goes as far as I've understood it:


1) Yes. The bone structure of an adult is what it is and cannot change, but the limiting factors of turnout in most people is not the bones but tightness in the upper/inner thigh muscles and lack of strength in the "turnout muscles". You can stretch the appropriate muscles (e.g. the butterfly stretch) and do strengthening excercises (e.g. ballet classes ;)). You can also ask your teacher for more excercises, and I'm sure others here know some.


2) Yes, stretching them.

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Oh, heavens, yes. It depends how much rotation from the hip that you have potentially available. Opening the hip joint and getting the most out of the rotation you have is certainly possible, but it's a longer, slower process when you're starting as an adult. Just don't force things. Gradually, gradually you'll get more turnout. I won't promise 180º, but you can certainly develop rotation and turnout after age 11.


And over the long run, good squishy deep demi-pliés will elongate the calf muscles. Just don't force them either. There's also a thing called the "runner's stretch" where you take a neutral fourth position (no turnout) and bend the front knee while keeping the back heel on the ground. Be careful not to bounce in that position. Again, for an adult, this is a long slow process, but you can certainly un-bulk your calf muscles!:D

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