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Jazz Shoe Question

Guest maggie

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Guest maggie

Hi All,


I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, but...


I recently (6 months ago) got back into ballet after an 8-year hiatus (danced growing up, quit when I went to college) and I love it! (but that's beside the point). Anyways, one of my ballet classes was recently cancelled, and I've decided to pick up a jazz class in its place. I wore my old, basic jazz shoes to my first class and noticed that many of the students were wearing jazz sneakers. What's the deal with these? I've seen them in hip hop classes, but I've never worn them (they weren't around back when I used to take jazz). They look like they offer good support, but I sort of think it ruins the line of the leg to have a big, clunky (well, relatively) shoe on. Has anyone worn these? Are they worth trying out? They seem pretty pricey.


Thanks in advance!



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Guest IUdancer

I just started taking jazz last semester, and I got the regular old soft jazz shoes. A lot of people in my class also wear the sneakers. I've never tried them.... but you wanna know something funny? I don't even like the thin jazz shoes! I wear my ballet slippers to my jazz classes. That little heel on the jazz shoe drives me crazy and it seems as if I can't feel the floor. Which I like to do. Some may think I'm a bunhead or a ballet snob - so be it! :-D



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I have Bloch jazz sneakers.


They were a little stiff at first even though they are split sole but eventually with a lot of tendues and releves they 'broke in'. Good for building up additional foot strength. I find them quite comfortable and they provide great support and cushioning.

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I have taken jazz classes for years and in my classes footwear ranges from ballet slippers to jazz sneakers. Most people, however, wear the more traditional jazz shoes (I do also). I have a pair of jazz sneakers that I bought long ago that I wear as ordinary shoes. I tried them in class, but found it just a little harder to turn with them. I do think they look cool, but am unimpressed with their cushioning. A pointed foot in a jazz sneaker makes even those of us who don’t have good feet look nice.


The heel on my jazz shoes is also so low that I don’t ever notice it.


One thing I like about jazz class is that no one cares what you wear. It’s the attitude that counts.

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