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Guest RachelsDream

The theraband made a huge differance in the arch in my foot, and very much made my ankles stronger. I would very much recommend it if that is what you are looking for. Just place the band around the top half of your foot (cover your toes) and very slowly 'pointe' your foot, then flex your foot. I started out with ten repititions and built from there. I hope this helps!



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Guest Peregrin Took

A Resistaband, or Theraband is basically a wide piece of elastic or rubber perhaps 17cm (an estimate) or so across and of varying lengths that comes in different thicknesses, therefore different strengths.

You use these to strengthen parts of the body more effectively as they provide resistance to the movement you are executing, causing you to work harder. For example, if you wanted to strengthen the ankles, you would wrap the band under the ball of your foot, hold onto both ends of it so that there is some tension, and point and flex the foot.

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