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Hip problem


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Hi all – I’m posting about an injury and let me start by saying I know we’re not supposed to be giving out medical advice here, but I’m posting in the hopes that someone may have had a similar experience or knows someone else who has may have a suggestion for me. Let me also say that I have consulted an osteopath and a chiropractor without much success. I think my next step is seeing a physical therapist. And finally – apologies in advance for the long post!! :(


The problem: About a year ago, I suddenly noticed a “stuck” sensation in my right hip. One day I sat down to stretch in the butterfly (I think that’s what it’s called) – sitting down, feet together, knees out to sides, and I noticed that my right knee was MUCH higher than usual (about 4 inches higher than normal) and it was painfully stiff around the joint. When I tried to stretch the area it felt sore on the outside of the hip socket and like something was gripping inner part of the joint (sort of the groin area). It didn’t feel like the sensation of a pulled muscle but more like the leg was stuck in an odd position in the socket. I had been going to classes and rehearsals regularly but didn’t recall hurting it in anyway or doing anything unusual.


This happened to coincide with a vacation, so I basically didn’t dance at all for about 2 ½ weeks. During this time of rest it didn’t improve at all and basically stayed “stuck” like that for over a month until there was a big noisy clunk one day in my lower pelvis/outer hip area (ahhhh!) While this initially relieved the feeling of tension, it didn’t significantly improve the stuck position of my hip, and the tension soon returned. Since then, this pop/crack and rebuild up of tension has been a recurring thing.


I worked with a chiropractor who worked on my lower back the back of the pelvic area. This helped somewhat with the tension in my hip and improved the rotation a little, but I never felt that it was getting to the real problem. I also went to an osteopath who could find nothing wrong with the joint.


So a year later, I still have this weird injury, whatever it is. It has improved since I initially noticed it, but my hip has never returned to its normal position and I always feel some tension both in the inside and outside of the joint. Stretching helps somewhat, although some days I find it really difficult to relax into any kind of stretch for my right hip. The loss of rotation in a sitting position hasn’t translated into a big loss of rotation or extension when I’m using my right leg as the working leg. I do feel tension however when the right leg is the standing leg. I initially didn’t feel like this was a pulled muscle, but in the last few weeks I’ve had some pain in the inner thigh and groin area that feels like a pulled muscle. And one of my teachers has commented that it looks like my right hip is higher than the left.


Sorry for the long post. I sort of just wanted to vent because it’s been such a frustrating experience. But I’m hoping someone out there will see this and be able to help. Thanks in advance for any insights or suggestions!!

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Try an orthopedist, THEN s/he can evaluate your condition and send you to the proper Physical Therapist. Try to find ones that have some experience in treating dancers, or at least practice sports medicine.

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Thanks Mel. I guess I just need to go back to the orthopedist, but to someone who is more familiar with dancers. The person I saw just didn't seem very receptive to the idea that this was a big problem for me - since I was able to walk in there ok and nothing showed up on my X-ray, he didn't seem to think I should be worried.

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