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Which forms of excercise should ballet dancers take?

Guest jane

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I have heard around that some forms of excercise are not good for budding ballerinas. I find this worrying as I need to excercise: I enjoy it, it keeps me slim, it helps my asthma and is healthy. My main excercise is swimming, which I do 2 times a week. Is this ok? Also are running and cycling ok? Which are the most favourable excercises to do? Also please reassure me that school PE will not be a problem too!


Sorry to ask so many questions but the subject worries me.

Please help!


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Hello Jane, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Alert! Online :)


Actually, dancers should get most of their exercise by dancing! :D If you have classes every day, or almost every day, then you don't need a lot more exercise. However, bicycle and swimming on a recreational basis is fine. Dancers tend to run turned out, which is not good, therefore we don't generally recommend that. Sports in school, with the exception of running track, should be okay, although I would try to avoid things where you can easily get injured, like hockey or soccer. While sports involve some running, it's not the same as running long distances. I played tennis with no problem, but could not handle running in terms of just plain running. The amount of running on the tennis court was fine :D


Another recommended form of exercise would be Pilates training. Both the mat work and the machines provide work which is most helpful to dancers!

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Yes, there are a lot of books and videos. However, I would suggest some classes first, in order to learn exactly how to do things correctly.



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i have found a few instructional exercise dvds that you might want to look for. i have taken a few pilates and yoga classes, but ballet classes cause horrible time restraints, so i got dvds for those, and also one (just for fun) for bellydancing, which is great for your stomach and shoulders, as wel as buiding coordination. these are great because they have different levels, but you should definitely take live classes in yoga and pilates first.

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