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Guest distantdancer

I have been seeing the term 'Dolly Dinkle' used to describe bad dance schools and I was wondering if anyone knew who Dolly was and what horrible thing she did to become permanently associated with bad teaching. I've been seeing the expression all over Ballet boards and was just curious as to where it came from? :confused:

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"Dolly Dinkle" is a corruption of the name "Dolly Dingle" which was a comic strip and paper doll set that was found in The Pictorial magazine from 1916 to 1922. The work was created by Grace Gebbie Drayton Weidersheim. The characters resembled the "Campbell Kids" whom she also designed.


It's used for teachers who are horribly clueless and out-of-date about things we know better about, like putting five-year-olds on pointe. I think it really doesn't have anything to do with the comic strip, except that the business names they use are often unspeakably cutesie-poo and cloyingly quaint.


(N.B. This is not intended to disparage the work of Mrs. Weidersheim, who was one of the first nationally-published woman cartoonists.)

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