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Stupid question...but what is a workshop?

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This question seems a little bit stupid, but what exactly is a workshop? Seems as everybody knows it and expects you to know it! The official program of the Royal Opera here in Sweden says that there will be a workshop with their company. Does it mean that you can go and watch it then?

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"Workshop" can mean lots of things.


At the place where I take classes, we have summer "workshops", which are special classes that are only offered for a few sessions.


Some classes are offered only once or a few times, but others run for up to 4 weeks / 6 hours per day (ha! This last one is only for the kids!)


I am not sure what a "workshop" for a professional company would include--possibly lectures or special classes--maybe classes or rehearsals to watch or maybe classes to take. Sometimes there are "workshop performances", which seem to be performances that follow some kind of short-ish, intensive class or choreography program.


Anyway, since "workshop" is so vague, the only way to know is to contact the organization and ask.

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