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lower stomach


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I looked and i couldn't find a post like this, but i'm sorry if this has already been posted. i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about how to work the lower stomach, below the belly button? i read in another post on this board that it is normal for females to have a pouch there, but i would still like some advice on how to get rid of a little of it. certain forms of situps that target the lower stomach, etc. thank you.

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You will find all of those posts most likely using the search word abs or abdominals :)


The very best way to improve that area is with good posture, ALL the time, not just when dancing! However, additional ab work, like crunches, are very good too. Pilates is excellent, if you can find some mat classes to attend!

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Guest RachelsDream

I would say Pilates - it has definitly toned my whole stomach and back and legs and arms! There is one excercise that will work your whole stomach.



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I have the same problem, because I've done (and still do) lots of chrunches, and my upper abs are very hard. :) But nothing seems to work my lower abs. They aren't really fat or anything so that they bother me, but I'd like to know how to make them firm.

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Guest Peregrin Took

You probably also need to do a little cardio work to get rid of the 'padding' over the muscles in the abdominal area (I know I do). No matter how hard you work and tone them, the results will be hidden by the layer of fat, even it if's only relatively thin. Sadly, we can't spot reduce so all over cardio is essential to get a well defined stomach area.


What I'd like to find out, is what sort of cardio work is suitable for maintaining a dancer's build. What I've heard is that swimming causes wide shoulders, running puts stress on the knees and builds up the calf muscles, as does skipping. I've run out of ideas that I can do without going to a gym or taking a class. Any clue?

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Well, I definitely would give power-lifting a miss, but swimming and other activities IN MODERATION ought not to hurt things. It's when you start looking like Rowena Jackson on the bottom, and Arnold Schwarzenegger on top that you've got to worry.;)

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For lower abs, have found that the exercise where you lay on your back with your legs together staright up in he air above you and then you slowly bring them down to about a 45 degree angle and then back up works the lower area more than the upper abs. I did many today, and boy could I feel it!

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Leg-lifts like that are OK, just don't grip the quads in doing them. One does not need a lot of reps of these in order for them to be beneficial.

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Guest Peregrin Took

Those leg lifts are beneficial...and why not exercise your leg beating while you're at it. :). What we've been taught to do is, while lowering AND lifting the legs, beat the legs front and back, without bashing the ankles.

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