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The bend in cambré back


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All the teachers that I've had says that you are supposed to bend at your top part of your back when you do a cambré back. Pull the ribs in and feel how you grow longer and then a tiny bend backwards.


Now to the question: all those pictures of professional dancers who backbends ALOT, they don't only bend at the top of their back don't they? Then maybe that's not a cambré?


Or maybe it's just a beginner thing; that they don't want you to it all wrong, and therefore make you bend less?


But I still cannot see how you can do a backbend without bending your lower back too.

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Suzie, it is true that beginners would not bend back so far, and it is also true that the cambré back is the top of the body. However, once one has achieved the correct bend from the top, not using the lower back, as they become more advanced and strong as well as flexible, some are able to bend further back. The lower back will be involved, but they still do not bend FROM that area, they only go back far enough to have it somewhat involved. The bend must still begin from the top!

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