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Guest ballet princess

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Guest ballet princess

I am planning to audition for the Joffrey Ballet School. However, I have heard mixed feelings on the program/training and am interested in hearing your point of view on the Joffrey School.


Thanks in advance. :(



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i went to the summer intensive in san antonio last summer, and ive posted on that around this board, but in general i didnt like it. i dont know much about the program itself, but a lot of our imports are from there and i really dont like the way they dance. one thing at the intensive, you had to have your arms flat out from your body, and your legs couldnt be in front of your arms, which makes for bad placement, especially in younger students. there were many things about their posture (ribs and butt sticking out) that irked me, and i dont like their arms or hiked up hips. i guess its a personal preference, aside from figuring out what works for your body. god luck in your audition, though!

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If you're talking about the original Joffrey School in Manhattan during the regular school year, when things aren't as frantic as in summer, then you should be all right. For my money, the best teachers there are Trinette Singleton, Francesca Corkle, and Eleanor d'Antuono, but I'm biased. They're also the only teachers whose classes I've observed there. They teach standard International vocabulary, and the atmosphere is very wholesome. Sort of the neighborhood ballet school, except that the neighborhood is the artsy West Village.

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Guest dancer04

My best friend was offered a position in the year round program last year at the Joffrey Midwest Workshop. They had her go and take a week of classes there to see if that is really what she wanted to do and she really enjoyed it. She said the environment was very welcoming, there were so many different nationalities, the training was great, she was offered so many classes, and the teachers were very inspiring. That is all coming from her though. SHe is going starting in September.

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oh, i loved trinette and eleanor! thats reason enough to go, if youre okay with their style. they were the absolute best teachers, besides my own ballet mistress here in alaska:p

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Guest ballet princess

Thanks for all the replies! They're a really big help to me. I'll have to make sure I get those three teachers ;)

I'll set up an audition and see how things go!

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Guest dancergal

If you're talking about the Joffrey School in Manhattan, I went to the summer program and it was a little chaotic, but I've heard from the girls who go there year-round that it's a wonderful program. The teachers are great and like Mr. Johnson said, the atmosphere is very wholesome.

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