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Guest pointedreamer90

Hey everybody, I'm guessing that by my title you can figure out what has been bothering me!! I have been dancing ballet seriously since I was eight, and now I am thirteen, and pirouettes have always been my weakness. I can do a single pirouette just fine, but when it comes to doubles it is scary!! Don't even mention triples. I have had a private with my teacher and she has given me some good pointers, and I have been working on them. But I just can't get them right!!! Any ideas??

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Pointedreamer, there are so many ingredients in a pirouette, like a very, very complicated recipe for something, that it is really impossible to help someone without being able to see what they are doing. The most important ingredients are:

proper alignment in the preparation;

weight placement in the preparation;

the ability to relevé into the pirouette position and maintain center and balance;

knowing how to spot

knowing what creates the turn, how it is motivated and how to use the plié, the relevé and the turning motion of the body;

correct usage of the arms;

a total lack of fear and willingness to go for it!

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Fear creates an automatic reaction of tension and pulling back. Neither of these things will allow pirouettes to happen. Watch people who turn really well. Watch videos. Picture yourself doing that. Turns are FUN!!! When you decide they are fun, you will get over the fear :)

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Guest Dancergal92

There is also a very good article on Pirouettes in the May/June 2003 issue of Dance Spirit Magazine that talks about Pirouettes. If you get that magazine, you might want to read that article. Good Luck!

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