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I'm back also!

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Well, after being uprooted from San francisco and plonked down in sunnt Manchester, UK..not NH, battling train strikes and getting used to sleeping on a couch that is a foot too small for me, not having any furniture and living out of a suitcase, being sad as I miss my husband and two cats (they won't be able to join me until August) ...I am now at work.

I managed to go swimming this morning and so I will push myself hard to get to ballet asap. I refuse to leave it a whole year like I did when I first moved to the States..luckily I have fellow balletalerter Mr Robin nearby to nag me!

So, I will try to get back into my old routine with reagrds to this board, but not having a computer at home limits the time I have to about the 8 hours I am at work for.


Well wish me luck finding a place where I fit in, watch this space....


i have missed you all








P.S to those that e-mailed me , sorry I have not yet responded.....esp Pam.

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Welcome back, Jeanette!:) Good heavens, is the UK still quarantining husbands?;)

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Very glad to see you back here, Jeanette! :)

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yep, can you believe it , in this day and age, although it looks like he'll get an early release ;) Actually, although you jest...the reason he had to stay behind was to avoid quarantine on our two cats. The PETS Passport scheme had been extended to the North America, so as long as they get microchipped, a rabies jab and a blood test at a DEFRA lab and then wait 6 months before travelling to the Uk, then they can enter without a 6 month quarantine. Unfortunatley they only implemented this in Dec last year and by the time we got their jabs and blood tests sorted, well, end of July will be their 6 months, hence my husband had to stay with them.

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Guest fastfeets

Good to see you back, Xena. I was wondering about you just a few days ago, in fact. Hoping your trip had fared well.


That's really interesting about the pet passport. Hubby and I are toying with the idea of moving overseas in a few years, but I'd worried about my cats, for that very reason. It's good to know there's an alternative.


Now, get back in those ballet classes!! You'll regret waiting too long.... ;)

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Yes, good to "see" you, Xena! Hope you'll find your place soon, and get back to ballet. And I hope August will come sooner too for you, if and when you have classes to occupy your mind with. :)

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That's a good man you've got there, Jeanette, for caring enough about the animals to make the travel adjustments for them. Actually, I'm very satisfactorily impressed with the way the UK handles animal quarantine. The country has been free of imported infections from pet animals for a very long time, and I hope they continue to develop this very useful program as veterinary technology improves.

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