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spotting on pointe

Guest AtlantaDncr

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Guest AtlantaDncr

I went on pointe in Jan. In late February we started turning ( my class was strong enough) I am usually a VERY good spotter when in soft shoe ballet but when im on pointe i can never do it!! Has this ever happened to any one else? If so please tell me what you did about it!! :confused:

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AtlantaDncr, I moved your post to YD, since it is about technique, not about pointe shoes :)


First, pointe is still new for you. Doing pirouettes on pointe does not usually happen quite so quickly. You really need to get balanced and centered and stronger on pointe before beginning turns. However, the spotting is exactly the same as it is in soft shoes. Spotting is spotting. You just turn a bit quicker on pointe, so the spot needs to be faster ;) It takes a bit of time and practice, like everything else.

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Guest AtlantaDncr

We haven't started doing piroettes yet. We have been doing Pique turns. but Im still new at this so this might take some time getting used to.:) But i can wait!!:P

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Guest delightfuldancer16

all i can say about spotting is what my teacher always does to me. When my spotting is getting off she always tells me to relax my next muscles and do some neck roles to really loosen up, this always helps me, hopes it does yous some good!!

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