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Open Classes in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Fate may suddenly spring a trip to my hometown of Cincinnati this week. If so, I'll be looking for stress relief. Any leads on open classes in porkopolis? I'll be checking the Cincinnati Ballet web site to see what they offer.

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Guest Tiny Feet

Good timing, Cincy Ballet just coming off of spring break!


Depending on your level of study and days here, there are a couple of options with Cincy Ballet.


Do have to forewarn you that the Thursday evening Int/Adv class at the Blue Ash location is taught towards more advanced level than intemediate.


The classes at NKU are really good. The Thursday evening NKU class is for true beginners so it may be a little slow for you.


Tuesday NKU and Sat downtown am class are taught by the same teacher and she is awesome. The Sat downtown am class saids it is beginners but it is taught towards more the advanced beginner to beginner intermediate level.


All the Open Division classes can be paid at the door or a flexcard basis.


NKU location is about 5 to 10 minutes south of downtown Cincy. Very easy to get to. Big Otto M. Budig signs the minute you get on campus.


I would recommend my studio to give you more options but if you are staying downtown, it is probably too far out of the way.


Outside of Cincy Ballet, there are no other drop in options I am afraid. CCM at UC have some adult ballet but they go by the semester. And I don't know of any other ballet studios that offers adult ballet or adult ballet that you can pay by the class. If you are hard core about class and if none of the Cincy Ballet class schedule works, you may want to look into Dayton Ballet. There classes are Monday and Wed evenings, also on a drop in basis or flex card.


Hope this was helpful! Maybe see you in class!

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Thanks for the response. I leave for the banks of the mighty Ohio early tomorrow morning. I plan on the Tuesday night NKU class. If it's real beginning, no problem. I'll be a bit cramped from travel so no big deal. I'm going to plan on the Wedensday morning one downtown. Curious if it's too advanced for me but theres only one way to find out.


Perhaps I'll see you there!


You can Private message me or reply here if you plan on going to one of the classes. Hope to see you.



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Guest Tiny Feet

No problem, glad to be able to help w/info.


The Tuesday NKU class is Inter/Adv but I think you will do fine. She is really good. I will probably see you Tues not sure yet because I hurt my back over the weekend hauling baskets of laundry (of all things) so I have to see how I am holding up. heh


The Thursday NKU is the beginner one. If you can find out who is teaching the Wed am downtown one I may be able to give you some insight. There are only a few that teaches the adult classes. There are 2 different Chris (with long italian last names that I can never remember, that teaches adult classes. There is Ellen and Kim.


Welcome back to the midwest! ;)


PS Pollen very bad this season. So if you have hay fever, bring your allergy med! :D

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I grew up here so I came prepared: Allegra, Nasacort, even my allergy shots! (just in case).


Interesting that the NKU Tuesday is Int/Avd. The website lists it as beginning. Well, I'm here. May as well try it.


Thanks for your help. May drive by the Cincy Ballet tomorrow AM to check the schedule.



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Guest serenade

Hey Ed,


While you are in Cincinnati, would you feel up to a drive down to Louisville? It's only a 1.5 hr on a good day. You can visit me and take class at the Louisville Ballet school. They offer both morning and evening classes. You can check out their website for the schedule. There is also a group of adults here (current and retired professional dancers) who get together and give each other class. You are welcome to join us and at no cost to you except the drive down. Let me know if you are interested and I'll give you the details.



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Hey Theresa:


If I had time I would. I'm here for family -- my aunt died, so this trip I can't venture too far from the family tree. And I leave Friday. I need to get back to LA to see Miami City Ballet Friday night. They're doing Rubies (I have my priorities).


Would love to see you but this time it's just not going to work out. By the way, I checked out the Ballet site. Nice site. Well done.


I'll admit, the reason I'm doing the Cincinnnati ballet is purely personal. Since my daad kept me from dance classes, I kind of felt like taking one from the CB is like a rite of poassage, like putting that whole era behind me. So, I've made time for a class here. I'll admit being more nervous about taking this class than any class I've ever taken.


Are you going to Richmond in August?



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Guest serenade



Sorry to hear about your aunt. I hope you have a great class in Cincy...tell me what you think about it. I have often thought about driving up to take class with them. I usually go up and take class at the contemporary dance theater. Now that's the place to go for some fabulous modern classes there in Cincinnati.


Glad you liked the Louisville Ballet web site. Maybe one day you'll be able to take class here if you ever have to scout a location. You would really like the classes with Don.


I'll be in Richmond the first week of August. It looks like you'll be there then too. Do you know if Laura B. is coming???


One last thing, when you see Miami City Ballet perform, will you let me know if Ellie Moser is still dancing with them? She's originally from Louisville and just amazing! I'm just curious.




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Hola, Theresa:


I took a class last night that was very basic. Looks like the only class I'll get here. Yesterday morning I watched the class at Cincy Ballet. Many of the company members were in it as were members of the touring company of "Lion King." So, a class I might have been able to handle normally was now light years beyond me. The barre alone would have killed me. So, I highly doubt I'll be trying that class today.


I doubt Laura B. will be joining us this year. Her health problems continue, plus shes in school now, plus shes engaged. She's got a lot on her plate.


I'll keep an eye out for Ellie at Miami City Ballet.


Looking forward to seeing you in August.



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