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Books: Drina Series by Jean Estoril

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minty, I got most of my daughter's Drina books at www.abebooks.com . They have many dealers working with them, and I was able to find all of the missing books within about 3 weeks. So if you can't find them through amazon (which would help to support this site), you might want to give them a try. Good luck!

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And here is a nice long thread on these books on the other Ballet Talk board: Drina Book Series. :P


anibe, it was very kind of you to reply to this thread from the past. Perhaps, if the original poster is nolonger around, someone else will benefit from the information. :blushing:

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Fabulous books - I read them all as a child, but mislaid my copies. Are they still in print? I'd love to replace mine - I've seen the odd one on sale on Ebay.


The other books I loved were Lorna Hill's Sadlers Wells books - would love to get hold of these again too.


I recently picked up another Lorna Hill series, the "Dancing Peel" series - again a great read!

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Lori - no, they're not still in print, as far as I know. Read the thread above that BW pulled up - it's really informative. I posted on that one, so won't repeat it, here - but it should answer all of your questions.

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Guest misskelly

For those of you who are as in love with The Drina ballet books as I am, here is something that I feel may excite you as it did me. The Drina books is an 11 book series on a little girl named Drina who wants to be a ballet dancer. They are particularly charming, and quite rare. The first 5 are much easier to find, as they were the only ones printed in the US. The others are especcialy rare. Especcialy Drina Ballerina, the last book- which is up for 200+ dollars on Ebay- not something that you'd really want to spend that much on. While looking for stores on-line that carry out of print books, I was more than ecstatic to learn something new: New Zealand has all 11 books. They are roughly 10 dollars each, plus 7 for shipping- BUT- that is way less than a rare and used bookstore or Ebay. I can't believe my lucky stars! The website is: http://childrensbookshop.netstep.co.nz/index.php

It is truly a find!

I hope you all enjoy reading these delightful books as much as I have!



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I jumped on your link yestreday, then whent through the whole process off ordering Drina Ballerina ; not receiving any coonfirmation, I e-mail the bookshop , only to be told that the book was unavailable and out of print - I'm all the more angry as I've given them my credit card number...

so beware of seemingly wonderful finds... :devil:

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minty, as I mentioned above, these books are available at both amazon.com (which helps this site make a bit of money :devil: ), and abebooks.com, for much less than $200. I just checked both, and some are available on both (maybe all, I didn't go through all of the pages at abebooks - there were many). If you haven't read the other thread that BW brought up: Drina books, you might want to do that. It mentions how some of the books have different titles (those published in the US are different than those published in England). I didn't know that, and ended up with a couple of duplicates. I'm sorry, it's been a while so I can't really remember now which ones are duplicates, and my daugther has the books packed away somewhere so I can't check. Anyway, it took me about three months to collect the whole series, and I don't think that I paid more than $7.00 or so for each book (and some were much less). For me, being in the US, the shipping was often more than the book, since a lot of them are from booksellers in Europe.


Good luck with your search!


Reading back, I see that you participated in that thread as well, so you are probably familiar with the differences. Anway, do keep searching!

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I found it most fascinating reading through this post and its replies. I was wondering if any one of you could perhaps help me with a collection of ballet books I am looking for, the series of books is called 'dancers of to-day' I have number one which is about Margot Fonteyn and number six which is about Alicia Markova, I found these books at a second hand book store, the last reprint that i know of was in 1954. I would very much like to complete my collection so any information would be valued.

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thank you K8smum , I have them all...except Drina Ballerina ; I'll try again on amazon and abebooks, though, it's just that as it came up, I thought I would try...happy Christmas ! :D

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minty, abebooks has three, but they're ridiculously expensive, and Amazon's is even more expensive. It took me about three months, if I recall correctly, to collect all the books - I probably checked on a daily basis for new copies. I believe that I got Drina Ballerina from abebooks, but I know that I didn't pay what they're currently asking...happy Christmas to you, too.

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Kayleen - I know the books you are thinking of. I suggest you send an e-mail to Dance Books (dancebooks.co.uk) and ask them if they have any in their second-hand collection. That's the only place where I think you'd have a chance of finding them. They are closed now for Christmas until December 29th, but if you send an e-mail after that they will answer you.

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