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Swinging Tendus


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One of my teachers told me recently that she noticed I was "swiging" my leg from front to back for tendus to the side from fifth position. She kept saying "slice" to the side and back in to prevent the more circular motion, but no matter how hard I tried and concentrated on this, I couldn't seem to get it perfect.

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It'll take you awhile to get that right. What I think you're doing, from the situation you describe is bringing the working leg to a very short fourth in front and in back, and therefore, not really going out and in. Sort of out and around. I know what you're going through. I used to do that. It took a lot of concentrated work over about a month or so to get it right, once I knew to work on it.

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My teacher tells us to think of closing to first before you close fifth, not actually do that, but think of it so you are bringing your foot straight in.

hope that helped ;)

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