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lean muscles

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I don't think cheerleading itself will do that, unless of course one works out with weights to build strength and then practices cheerleading intensively. But then dancers could not do that, as they don't have time for it if they are dancing intensively! ;) I think it's kind of like swimming, in that if you swim on a competitive basis you will develop certain muscles which one would not want as a dancer, but swimming recreationally is great. A bit of cheerleading will not hurt a thing, but if you do it hours and hours a day, that could be another story. Major Johnson, what say you on this one???

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Most cheerleaders don't know how to jump or land correctly, and as a result they end up with large, knotty muscles. Very few of them know how to stretch correctly, besides, and that compounds the problem. With your dance training, you should be able to overcome that, easily! :rolleyes:

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