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Starting Pointe Again


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I was given the go-ahead to try starting some basic pointe work again. My teachers said that based on their observations, I was certainly strong enough, and the best thing to do would be to get the shoes and start slowly, listening to my body. I'm really pretty scared, but I know that if they think I'm ready, I probably am(and I feel physically ready) and that I should just do it. Do you have any tips, or recommendations for someone who has been on pointe for a while, been off for a year, and is about to start again. Things that might be made more difficult because I already have experience, or things to watch out for? Thanks for helping!

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Congratulations, Dolphingirl :D You have come a long way, and I know it's been a long, hard recovery. Just take it slow and easy, stay with the barre until the leg itself tells you it is strong enough to do more. Just listen to your body. You have been through enough now to know how to do that. Don't expect too much too soon, and don't get impatient. You've waited this long, so now continue the patience factor a bit longer and go very slowly. No point in messing things up now! :D

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Yeah Dolphingirl!!!!!!!! Been there done that! (well, not exactly, I certainly wasn't off for a year, but I was off twice in a row for different things in different feet. I have beautiful feet but who gives That if theyre always hurt?!)

But I have successfully started back on pointe 2x, and you really do have to get a reality check. Obviously you know you won't be the same on pointe as you were before, but it is humbling to actually not be able to do a releve all the way up on one foot. You're probably stronger because of taking classes flat for a while, but I know I had to start everything pretty much right away to be ready for a performance I pulled off (barely) last Thursday.

but you really will do fine. The best thing is to be scared. Not of falling or of actually dancing but scared of going to fast and hurting yourself. Then as you get stronger you'll get more confidence and be able to do more. By the time you're not scared anymore there will truely be nothing to be scared of. You'll do just fine!


I hope this whole thing made sense. I'm still a little out of it. (from the dance festival where I performed)

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I took my first steps, so to speak, on pointe today, during variations class. We always start with a few warmup exercises at the barre, after technique, so I did the first two on pointe. Just simple rolling through the shoes, and a few releves. It felt really good to be "up" again, though certainly quite painful on the feet. I've lost all the calluses and, though I didn't get any blisters today, as I was only up for a total of a few minutes, I'm sure they are on the way. It didn't bother my knee at all though, which is a good sign!

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yep, it's a pain to lose all your calluses, and an even worse one to get them back again!!!!

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