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I'm not sure if this is a buddy board topic or not, so please feel free to move it moderators- Does North Carolina Dance Theatre have a summer program? I thought they did but I looked on their website and I didn't see anything about it. I'd love to hear from anyone whose been there or knows anything about them or their summer program.

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Moving this to YD because it will get more attention there. I'm sure they do indeed have an SI at NCDT, but I could not find anything about it on the site either. Hopefully someone will have more information.

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Guest rachael

Yes, it's called DancePlace. I've never been there, but a few people from my studio have. It's run by Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux, who also works with the Chautauqua Institute. None of my friends who attended really gave rave reviews, but then everybody has different reactions to different programs, and it seems like a solid summer program to me. If you'd like some more information, look them up at www.ncdance.org/danceplace.htm. About halfway down the page, there's a link to their summer intensive program. Hope this helps!

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Thanks so much rachael! I guess I just completely missed it on the website. I'm not interested in going there this summer because I am already going to the Rock School, but I am interested in NCDT in general, so I was curious as to whether or not they had an SI. Thanks again!

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