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Guest ballet_lover_nc

hey everyone, its been a while!

i have a problem! ive just done my annual show which went so well and i will hopefully post some pics up:)

heres the problem!im 16 i started a year and a half ago, have great feet:) and am flexible. some of the people there for years (parents etc) were talking to my mum about what to do at 18 and said that they had watched me dance and i was one of those people that when you watch a performance, you immediately pick out. i know that might sound big headed but its really got me thinking! i would love to be a professional dancer, but the problem is i need help with schools. most places require you to sing and i dont! i do jazz, ballet, pointe and charecter and something else i cant remember quite what its called! i would love as i said to train at a school, but its the confidence in auditioning that is also a problem:S i havent done auditions before:S please help me i dont know what to do!!!!!

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Guest Dancergal92

There are many schools that do not require you to sing. You may want to find a pre-professional company in your area that would suit you. Some schools have auditions where you must perform a dance in front of the judges. Other schools may have you take a company class, and you will get judged then. If you find a school that interests you, you may want to look into it. As far as never auditioning before, if you find out the type of audition and just stay focused to not get nervous, you will do fine. There is a first audition for everyone! :D Good Luck!



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ballet_lover_nc, what kind of dance do you want to do? Are you talking about shows, like musicals, or are you talking about ballet?

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