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well, i've had a little problem this year with my partners of the ballet academy...

i came to the academy 6 years ago, when i was 11; and then they had been there about 3 years more than me... and some of they more than that...

well, i'm a very demanding person and i have to work hard to be happy with myself, and in these years i become as well as they was, and better than others...

this year my teacher was very angry with them because they didn't work very much, and they didn't come every day at the academy.And they blame me for it... because my teacher is not angry with me...

we have a little war and after that we don't "love" each other very much...

and now i have to coexist with them, and i'm not very comfortable.

must i change to other school?i love very much my teacher and i don't want to leave her.

what can i do?

thanks!!! bye!!!

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Lu, while the situation might be a little bit difficult or uncomfortable, it is their problem and not yours. If you are happy with the teacher and the training, then that is what is important. At 17 I think you are old enough to deal with teenagers who are less serious by just ignoring them and doing your work. Keep your priorities in mind here.

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Guest hesterlover1

It sounds like these girls are jealous of you, because you have worked very hard and improved a lot at your dancing. You should be proud of the fact that you havee improved so much! Jealousy is an inevitable part of the ballet world, in my experience (very unfortunately :) ). It's too bad that these girls are behaving like that, but hopefully they will get over it soon. In my experience, people won't stay upset about something like that for too long. I hope things get better for you soon!

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