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I have just recently started taking some of the lower classes' barre without the barre. Its amazing how much you discover about how strong your technique really is! One thing I have noticed is that when I do tendu to the back, I collapse in my back and it causes me to turn in and not really put my leg behind me. Is this because my weight is on my heel? My teacher worked with me a lot on it yesterday and I can do it right when I do a really slow tendu, but when I'm actually doing an exercise, it always collapses. I have a lot of trouble getting my hips even in general. I don't have a lot of turnout so I tend to sink down into my supporting hip and put my weight on my heel. I know this is bad, but what can I think of to help me with this technique issue? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

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I know that I am not at all qualified to tell you what to do, so obviously wait until the teachers say if its right or wrong-basically, I have always done thiss as well and my teacher gave me a piece of advice that really helps, and you may well have heard before. I imagine I have a wire stuch to the top of my head that is pulling me up. I not only lift my head and stretch my neck, but my whole body can get a lifted feeling, and this also helps me to be light on my feet if I'm getting tired. Its funny how much imagery can help! Also, I have been told to alway keep my weight a little toward my toes, and once you get this feeling it tends to stick for a while. Hope this helps!

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SwanQueen, if your weight is in your heel, then nothing is going to be right. Move your body weight forward, and then use your abdominal muscles to help the lower back muscles. When you stand on one leg in tendu back, try to feel that the standing leg is growing longer, with the hip bone moving away from the thigh bone.


Tendu derrière is EXTREMELY important, as of course it becomes your arabesque! Working on your alignment and weight placement, and then the rotation and exact line and shape of that back leg and foot in tendu is crucial to achieving good line in the center in arabesque and attitude!

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Yesterday I concentrated on it the whole barre and it was better. I have for some reason been working at the barre with my weight completely back and on my heel without even realizing it. Its just going to take a while to fix it I think. I constantly have to be lifting my heel of the ground slightly and letting go of the barre to make sure my weight is not back. Thanks for advice, at least I know what is causing the problem now.

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