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We did a combination in center the other day with a penche, and though I am fairly flexible, I can do a "needle" with my hands on the ground and have it be 180 degrees and splits and all... but for the penche mine wasn't that high and I was teetering and even stumbled out of it the first time. What's the best thing to think about when doing this move to stay stable, maintain the back position, and get he leg up?


P.S.- I know 'penche' has an accent on the 'e' -- is there a way to use accents in messages on th board?

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what my teacher tells us is that we should start teh penche with extending in an arc through the spine and legs, lifting up off the hip, and executing the penche by taking the leg up and holding teh position with the rest of the body. it takes a lot of strength in you back, stomach, and supporting leg, so i wouldnt expect it to be terribly high. its much more important to focus on placement than achieving that 180 line. for balance, make sure that you are over the ball of your foot and not sinking back onto the heel. the only way i find it able to accomplish this is by focusing my eyes over my hand, because i always need a focal point in order to maintain balance, and it helps pull my weight forward. this might help you.

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