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A particular turn

Guest RachelsDream

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Guest RachelsDream

I am a nice turner and have no difficulty doing double, sometimes triple, pique turns. But when it comes to inside pique turns (also know as lame ducks, a term I don't care for) I very much have to force the double and end up spinning out of control - is there any helpful advice? I spot to the front (SAB style) so would changing that help? Also, what is the correct term for this step? Thank you!



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Actually, the turns you describe are outside piqué turns, or piqué en dehors turns. They are also known as step over turns. I also really hate the use of lame duck to describe this turn, as I think it only looks like that when one does it incorrectly, with a stiff leg insead of a small demi plié to push you into the piqué action.


I prefer spotting to where you are going in all turns. Also be sure that you are stepping directly in front and not off to the side. Moving the body weight well over the leg is crucial. The feeling of the turn is really the same as an en dehors pirouette, it's just that the action of getting into the turn is different in terms of a piqué instead of a relevé.

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Guest RachelsDream

Thank you for your advice Ms. Leigh! Pique en dehors have been driving me crazy for the whole year. I am going to try stepping more in front as I have a tendency to be a little uneven.



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