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Ballet classes in L.A. and Las Vegas?

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I'm going to spend 3 weeks of my summer holidays in L.A. and Las Vegas (if I pass my final exams that I'm writing at the moment :eek: :( ) and was wondering if anyone of you can tell me good studios that are located in these cities. The classes should be suited for begginers to intermediate dancers and should be inexpensive, if possible :P .


Another question: Are there any good book stores in L.A. and Las Vegas that sell ballet magazines and books (or good books in general)?


Thanks for your help :D



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A big hearty welcome to the big, sprawling city of Los Angeles.


An important thing to know when recommending classes in Los Angeles is what part of town you plan on staying in, and if you will have a car. Public transportation here is a joke so don't rely on it at all.


Here are my favorite classes for adults:



Dance Arts Academy

La Brea and Wilshire

Cynthia Molnar's Beginning class (more like a level 2/3) is Tuesday and Friday at 9:30 AM. Intermediate (true intermediate not and intermendiate/advanced) on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:30 AM. She's great. Royal Academy style with Russian influences. She pushes you and loves to teach adults and give corrections. If you're open to it, she will give lots of individual corrections, too.


Culver City:

Zeal Studios

Charolette Richards. Beginning ballet (very basic) Tuesday nights at 5:00, Thursday mornings at 10:00 AM and Saturday at 10:00 AM. Intermediate on Tuesdday nights at 6:30 and Saturdays at 11:00AM. Her upper level class is fast paced, petit allegro is usually killer. She gives good general corrections but rarely individual ones. I like her classes. They challenge me.


Both these places have websites. When I get back to my laptop I'll put the links up for you.



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Thanks a million, 2 left feet, for the information. Actually, I thought that using public transportation would be a good idea :confused:. But well: My cousin will probably have to drive me into town every day ;)


I will take a look at the homepages and then decide which school I'll choose.


Thanks again,

Svenia :)

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It's safest not to rely on public transportation in Los Angeles.


Hope to see you around the studio one day.



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About Las Vegas; go onto the website http://www.unlv.edu/Colleges/Fine_Arts/Dance/ This will take you to the information page for the University of Nevada, las Vegas. They have a wonderful dance department, check with the Chairperson or Assistant Chairperson for their opinion on your options. Have a great time. Also, consider taking other types of dance classes, i.e., flamingo, celtic, hip hop, etc., they have a great variety of options. Enjoy!

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Flamingo? You wear pink practice clothes and practice standing on one leg?;)

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well, I think what you're describing is ballet, but you are correct, I did spell it wrong, it should have been FLAMENCO

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I'll be in Anaheim for a week in Aug (18-22).

Any suggestions for places that might have adult ballet classes during the day that week, and/or any idea how long it would take to get from Anaheim to Hollywood?



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Anaheim is about 50 miles south of Hollywood -- long way to go for a class unless you happen to be up that way. I can suggest Jimmy DeFores Dance Center in Costa Mesa, very close to Anaheim. Steven Inskeep teaches two levels of adult classes during the day, I believe on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He also teaches one at Ballet Pacifica on Sunday mornings. There may be one at Ballet Pacifica during the week. I'm not sure abuot that. Hes a good teacher, gives a great class. I've been many times and used to take partnering with him.


Can't find a website for Jimmy Defore.


Ballet Pacifica Conservatory

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2 Left Feet:

Thank you very much for your suggestion. I called DeFore's and they offered to fax a schedule.


I found the place reasonably easily and took 5 classes there last week (with Steven Inskeep, Ruth Ziegler, Sarah Melli, and I think Tanya Durbin) and all were most interesting and enjoyable. It was a bit of a drive (20 min?) from Anaheim, but no big deal.


DeFore's does now have a website at www.deforedance.com

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