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Guest BattementCloche

I'm not sure if this is the place to post this, but here goes...


I assist in two classes on Saturdays, Primary (6 year-olds) and Ballet II. The person I have to act with throughout the ballet we’re doing can only come at 2:30, which is the time Ballet II is at. Therefore, I’m missing out on being paid for 1-½ hours a week, which add up when you work it out. I use the money I make to buy my ballet stuff—bodysuits, which I grow out of FAST, tights, which get holes in them FAST, shoes, both canvas and pointe, which I wear out FAST, etc. etc. etc… if I miss out on this payment, I’m afraid I can’t pay for all of my stuff. Should I talk to the director about this, or just leave it? My mother says that I shouldn’t have to be ‘punished’ for his not being able to come any other time, but I don’t expect the director to pay me when I’m not assisting.

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The only way to resolve this is to talk with the Director and the person you work with in the ballet and try to find another time for this session. If it is not possible, then you will have to give up the work hours during the rehearsal period, but surely there is SOME other time that this person could rehearse. Have a nice talk with your Director and respectfully request a change, if possible.

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