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I am a bad spotter!!

Guest delightfuldancer16

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Guest delightfuldancer16

Whenever I do any kind of turns, piques, pirouettes, chaines, and so on, I always get dizzy and loose my spot. I feel like I am snapping my head fast enough, but I get dizzy and can never turn in a strait line. Any ideas on how to improve spotting?

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Neck rolls may loosen up your neck, but that is still not the same thing as practicing spotting. The head does not roll when spotting. Forget neck rolls and even pirouettes and just practice spotting. Paddle turns are good, or simple piqué soutenu turns, or even walking turns. I like chassé turns the best to practice spotting. (Like chassé soutenu, not with a jump.) Just learn to spot!

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Guest thumpinhippo

I am and always have been hopeless at spotting - mainly becasue i can't see with one eye - but i find it a lot easier when i look at a certain painting that hangs in our studio. This is fine when i'm in the back line because it is in my line of travel but when i am in the front - such as my position for our upcoming exams, I can't spot for peanuts. I know i should focus on one point but no matter how much i practice, it doesn't seem to work.

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If your vision is correctable with lenses, then you might consider scleral contact lenses ("sport" contact lenses) which are rather larger than usual contacts, and almost impossible to pop out while you're dancing.

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