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How do your teachers teach combinations?

Guest Dancergal92

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Guest Dancergal92

I was wondering, How do all of your teachers teach combinations in class? Do they just say the terms, or do they demonstrate, or both? And how do they usually do this in professional companies? :)

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Depends on the level of the class, and also the ability of the teacher to still demonstrate ;) Lower level classes need more demonstration, but usually professional teachers both demonstrate, at least somewhat, as well as use the terms. Older teachers do less demonstration, or they demonstrate more by marking than actually doing everything full out. In teaching upper level classes it is not necessary to actually jump and turn, and the use of the vocabulary should be sufficient, although most of us still do quite a bit. :)

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Guest dancer04

I my classes, my teacher usually demonstrates the front side of one side of a combination. (If that made any sense). And then we have to reverse it and repeat it on the other side by ourselves. She says she does it like that so we not only use our bodies quickly but our brains as well.

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Guest Christianna

Depends on the combination. If it's a combination we are already familar with then it's not neccesary. Usually she'll watch and correct mistakes. If it's a new combination or we're working on a dance then she'll show us once and then we do it on our own. If we're all messing up on something then she'll show us through the steps. Sometimes we watch videos of past company performances. She points out thier mistakes which helps us to see things from a different perspective.



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